The Wild Unknown

On Wednesday evening I became the exited and giddy owner of The Wild Unknown, by Kim Krans.

2014-08-06 21.53.13

Luckily the lovely lady I purchased the deck from also had an open used one which I could practice with during our tarot meet-up in Todmorden.   There were 5 of us that night, each with our own deck.  To include everyone in the reading practice we take it in turns to ask a question and each of us draws a card and relates it to that question, then we all chip in and  together we create some amazing readings for one another.

Now my first introduction to The Wild Unknown was the gruesome looking 9 of Swords with its eyeballs and worms, ew!!!   Despite the horrid looking image it was very interesting to read with, as were the cards which followed…mostly quite dark and sinister looking!

I am going to spend some time getting to know this new deck as it is far far away from what I am used to…my favourite is Legacy of the Divine by Ciro Marchetti.   I think it’s a perfect rainy afternoon pursuit, and that may be happening sooner than I hoped.


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