COTD 05.02.15: Near or far, always there…

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Today’s COTD is the King of Wands

So many people talk about finding your power animal, but what about your power person.  Who in your life could be your power person?

Strong soul, calming presence and a great motivator are just a few of the qualities of such a person.  This person will support, validate and love you from near or far, they will be your cheerleader, your shoulder to cry on, your confidant.

This person will offer validity to your life, listen to your point of view – not necessarily agree with it, and will always seem to know what to do.

Whoever this person is in your life, treasure them, never take them for granted, honour and acknowledge them in your own way, and if possible hug them – even if it’s a mental one.   Cant’ go around hugging your boss now can you, you might get some funny looks!!!  But you get the idea.  Your power person is your symbol, your anchor, your place of sanity, not someone to put on a pedestal and worship, just someone you can go to when you need to.


The Shadowscapes Tarot by Barbara Moore and Stephanie Pui-Mun Law ©2010 LLewellyn Worldwide Ltd, 2143 Wooddale Drive, MH55125.  All rights reserved, used by permission.

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