COTD 25.07.15: Only the lonely…

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Today’s COTD is the 4 of Fishes

Eenie, Meenie, Miney…um where’s Moe???   Moe, Moe, where are you???

Concentrating too much on what’s under your nose may mean you lose track of other important elements of your life.  This can leave you feeling alone and hollow if you’re not careful.

If you are a workaholic and are neglecting your loved ones, this can lead to big problems along the way.    Take the time to shift your focus and see what those around you are doing in your absence.  Have you been left out of events because people can’t get through to you, or have you become isolated in your own importance.

No one likes to feel lonely or alone, take steps now to ensure you never have to experience that feeling ever again.

Love Jennifer x

The Bleu Cat Tarot by Beth Seionen ©2013 used by permission.

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I am a Tarot reader and have used Tarot cards as a tool to provide practical, empowering, down-to-earth advice and guidance for many many people over the years. I offer intuitive and insightful personalised e-mailed readings. I look forward to reading for you soon. Love Jennifer x
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