COTD 20.11.15: Nothing stays the same forever…

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Today’s COTD is XIII Death

As we reach the final working day of the week we all know that the weekend will naturally follow.

Life is funny like that, quite predictable at times, yet can be scarily unpredictable too.

Death comes in many guises, it can be gentle, or extremely nasty.  But with each ending comes a new beginning, what has gone can be reborn in another way.  From death comes memories, learning and experience, and this can be utilised on the next stage of our journey.

So just as this week naturally rolls into the next, then we can see many other ways one thing rolls into another, almost like fate.

Death is not to be feared, it may feel scary, but it is natural, it is how things are.  More recently death has appeared to remind me that my son is growing up, his school days are dying away and his new working career will be beginning.

Be aware of life’s changes around you and see the continued promise that can be found in the release of deaths changes.

Love Jennifer x

Illustrations from the Tarot Illuminati by Eric C Dunne and Kim Huggens ©2013 used with permission of Lo Scarabeo, Torino, Italy.  

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