Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary Open Day 29.11.15

What a wet and wild day it was today, the rain was blowing almost horizontal at one stage this afternoon.  But this didn’t deter the visitors to the sanctuary.

2015-11-29 13.05.16

Festive and upbeat music boomed from the DJ and prizes were won, yes I won something too!

The goats were all tucked up in their cosy stables and were very keen to meet everyone who came in to play Wheel of Fortune.

2015-11-29 13.05.03

I wasn’t so lucky, it was far too quiet for me to get any readings done today but I can’t be miserable about it, as I do on-line readings for the sanctuary so that makes up for today.

Talking to Mary (below) was fun as she was very attentive to what was going on, although Tulip was a bit unsure of all the noise.

2015-11-29 13.04.25

I was so tempted to look at the cats, but envisioned coming home with a car load, so I’m saving that for another day.  Instead I came home, curled up on the sofa with a large hot chocolate and watched cheesy Christmas movies in the  warm.

See you there in April 2016.

Love Jennifer x




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