COTD 04.12.15: A love that never fades…

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A love that never fades…

Today’s COTD is the 8 of Cups

This card is quite poignant for me today, 8 broken cups represent 8 years of a broken heart.  For that is how long it’s been since my dad breathed his last breath.

I miss him so much, yet at this time of year and the few weeks leading up to it are very difficult.  So many memories flood through me and escape with each tear.

Yet onwards I go, carrying  his love with me, it is a very treasured possession that I will never see or touch only feel.

I was blessed with a wonderful father and for that I am truly thankful.

I love you dad.

Your loving daughter x


Illustrations from The Wild Unknown (first edition) by Kim Krans ©2012, used by permission. 

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