COTD 22.05.16: See it coming…

10 of swords

See it coming…

22.05.16 : Today’s COTD is the 10 of Swords

Someone once hurt you, and everyone who loves you gathered around in support and solidarity.  These were tough times, and here we are again with memories surfacing as more recent events have held a tinge of hurt to them.

It’s during times like these that you really know who your friends are.  Those who stick by you no matter what, are the ones you can be reliant on for now and for always.

Do beware of who you confide in, or spill your guts to, as not everyone has your back.

So whoever or whatever is trying to attack you, you’ll see it coming, and can prepare yourself accordingly as experience will have taught you well.

Love Jennifer x

Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot by Nicoletta Ceccoli ©2014 used with permission of Lo Scarabeo, Torino, Italy 

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