COTD 03.01.17: Good riddance…


Today’s COTD is the 5 of Swords

Isn’t it funny how when you’re struggling to do everything, that everyone else suddenly has something to do!

This is particularly noticeable during major changes in your life, i.e. moving house, divorce etc.  Suddenly everyone you thought was your friend suddenly isn’t.

What do you do now?  Well…hopefully you just get on with it, after all, it’s your life to make how you want it, and most likely those who opted out have left your life feeling somewhat better for it too.

It’s like a natural cleansing of the old dead wood.  A time when clarity peaks and prepares you for moving forward into calmer more pleasant times ahead.

So what ‘dead wood’ are you feeling better off without?

Love Jennifer x

Illustrations from the Rider Waite Smith used with permission of U.S. Games Systems Inc, Stamford, CT 06902 ©1971 by U. S. Games, further reproductions prohibited.

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I am an intuitive Tarot reader and have used Tarot cards as a tool to provide practical, empowering, down-to-earth advice for many many people over the years. I offer intuitive and insightful interpretations of the cards in each e-mailed reading, which will be personal to you. All readings are for charity, either of your choosing or from one listed on my Supported Charities page. I look forward to reading for you x
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