COTD 31.01.17: Check in with reality…


Today’s COTD is XXI The World

19 years ago today I got married, I’m not married anymore, but it felt like life was being lived in a very unusual bubble.  That bubble popped 15 years later, allowing all the pent up pre-conceived ideas and negativity to flow free and for me to begin building my new life.

It’s very easy to get wrapped up in your own life and not be aware of the reality of it.  I’ve had an awakening, which is still happening.  Learning to navigate life without a man by my side.  It’s quite empowering actually, to see what I’ve achieved, and what I’m capable of.

The World is out there now for me to discover, on my own terms, and as daunting as that can seem at times, it’s something I’m doing, even if it’s only one step at a time.

Keep a check on your own bubble, you may think you don’t have one, but I think we all do to some extent, it just needs popping to let reality in every once in a while.

Love Jennifer x

Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot ©2014 used with permission of Lo Scarabeo, Torino, Italy 

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I am a Tarot reader and have used Tarot cards as a tool to provide practical, empowering, down-to-earth advice and guidance for many many people over the years. I offer intuitive and insightful personalised e-mailed readings. I look forward to reading for you soon. Love Jennifer x
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