COTD 09.03.17: Base line…


09.03.17 – Today’s COTD is the 6 of Swords

You’ve escaped the worst of things now and made it safely to shore.   The view ahead of you is flat and wide open, there are no distinguishing features to be seen, so your future is uncertain and bleak looking.

Yet this is a time to pause, to take a moment to reflect on the journey you’ve just been on. To reorganise your mind as you have some time to ponder what and where you’d like to move on to next.

Any upset is now firmly encased in stone, shed blood and tears, and you can use these stones now as foundations to start building the next part of your journey on.

Love Jennifer x

Illustrations from The Heart Tarot by Maria Distefano & Isa Donelli used with permission of Lo Scarabeo, Torino, Italy ©2009 

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I am a Tarot reader and have used Tarot cards as a tool to provide practical, empowering, down-to-earth advice and guidance for many many people over the years. I offer intuitive and insightful personalised e-mailed readings. I look forward to reading for you soon. Love Jennifer x
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