COTD 29.04.17: Protector…

The Emperor

29.04.17 – Today’s COTD is IV The Emperor & Tiwaz

A father figure or older and wiser person with a go-getter attitude can bring structure and authority to your day, in the form of support and experience.    Tiwaz supports this too, by offering its protection and bring a sense or order to proceedings. 

So whatever you encounter today, know that someone has your back and Tiwaz’ spear is yours to wield should you feel the need to use it.

Love Jennifer x

Illustrations from Rider Waite Smith used with permission of U.S. Games Systems Inc., Stamford CT 06902 ©1971 by U.S. Games Systems.  Further reproductions prohibited. 

About Guinevere Fae

I have been working with tarot for over a decade and have read for people worldwide. For the last decade, I have hosted a monthly tarot meet-up. I am a Reiki Master and trained in Equine Reiki, and I am an experienced pendulum dowser too.
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