COTD 09.05.17: Management…

2 of Pentacles

09.05.17: Today’s COTD is the 2 of Pentacles

It’s not always so easy to go bobbing along through life, letting things ebb and flow as they wish to, generally ‘behind the scenes’ though, because as soon as we try to interfere with this motion, things take on whole new dimension.

We try to take control don’t we, to manage anything and everything from a micro level to a full out takeover.  And this can be tough, the stress and strain it puts on our minds, bodies and souls can be immense, not to mention the people around us.

Today is about acknowledging every pie we have a finger in, every place we stick our noses, every pot of drama we inadvertently stir, and every place we do not belong.  This way we can eliminate so much of the unnecessary and concentrate on handling what is more personal and meaningful to us.  What’s left is what we nurture, and learn to move in time to, to form our own private ebb and flow which we can mould to and manage on a far easier scale.

Love Jennifer x

Illustrations from Morgan Greer used with permission of U.S. Games Systems Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 © by U.S. Games Systems.  Further reproductions prohibited.

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