COTD 01.08.17: Respect thy self…

6 of Balls

01.08.17 – Today’s COTD is the 6 of Balls & Thurisaz

Welcome to August.  And to kick start the month we have a bit of defensiveness coming in.  This is good though, for if you didn’t have a sense of self-preservation then things could get disastrous.

Knowing when to be generous of your time, self, money etc and when not to be will come to the fore today.   As some people will take as much of you and yours as they can, and it is up to you to know when to raise the barriers and put the protection in place.

You may not want to feel as though you are coming across as stingy, yet sometimes a strong stance alongside your self-respect is needed.

So use your judgement and follow your instincts, and see what the day brings your way.

Love Jennifer x

The Bleu Cat Tarot by Beth Seilonen ©2013 used with her kind permission.

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I am a Tarot reader and have used Tarot cards as a tool to provide practical, empowering, down-to-earth advice and guidance for many many people over the years. I offer intuitive and insightful personalised e-mailed readings. I look forward to reading for you soon. Love Jennifer x
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  1. jackcollier7 says:

    I really needed to hear this reading today. Thank you. ❤

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