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I have been dowsing for several years now, since my Reiki Teacher introduced it as ‘a bit of fun’.  Since then I have acquired far too many pendulums (10 from my brother as a Christmas gift a few years back) and several more that I have chosen since then. They are made from various components, gem stones, metals and wood.  A pendulum can be made of many substances, but it can just as easily be a ring on a piece of string, or even something as simple as a child’s conker.
Although I did dowse the sex of an unborn baby, of a colleague of mine a few weeks ago, using a telephone headset!  So anything goes! And I have used a spring balance on a piece of string at the stables too!
Visualise the pendulum as an extension of the nervous system, helping the nervous system…

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Tarot has been a part of my life for a long time now. It has helped guide me in so many ways, and now I am offering you the opportunity to gain the clarity and guidance a tarot reading can give. A tarot reading is a very personal thing, it can reach into the darkest of places and help bring light and potential into being, and it can help guide you through the rough patches of life and also let you know if you’re on the right path. Tarot can take you on a wonderful journey of discovery. It can open up your world to new ways of being, and you can meet new people and have some adventures along the way. Let us begin...
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