COTD 01.02.20 – Father Father…

01.02.20 – IV The Emperor – Father Father


I no longer have a father or a father figure in my life, however, that doesn’t mean you don’t.  Today acknowledge their presence and influence in your life.  I learned a lot from my dad, things I didn’t know I had until I had to put myself to the test, especially when it comes to DIY, bicycles and cars.  He raised me to be self-sufficient in ways I didn’t realise.

The Emperor is here today to be the daddy we miss and the father we need in our lives.  He is here to help us be strong, protective and all-seeing.  This, in turn, can help us be more decisive in our life choices and bring about a stability in us that can’t be bought, only learnt through studying our elders and the life lessons they taught us.

Love Jennifer x

The Wild Unknown by Kim Krans ©2012 used with her kind permission

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