COTD 22.03.20 – Home…

COTD 22.03.20 – Four of Wands – Home

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Home.  What is home to you?  For me, it’s where I feel safe.  I have walls to protect me, and a roof to shelter me, a comfy bed to sleep in, food to eat and running water; which is a lot more than some people have.

Today, take a moment to the thankful for what you have, however basic or luxurious your surroundings.  Enjoy the stability this feeling gives you too.  But if you don’t feel this way at the moment, it will come if you work at it.  It’s rare to be given everything you need in life; hard work and sacrifice are often the key elements to reaching this feeling of home.

Love Jennifer x

Illustrations from Morgan Greer used with permission of U.S. Games Systems Inc., Stamford CT06902 c.1979 by U. S. Games Systems.  Further reproductions prohibited.

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