Happy Easter

Today is Easter Sunday, a day commercially known for its chocolate eggs, fluffy yellow chicks and bunnies.

In my Sunday school days (until I was 13) I loved going to my classes and doing my christian learning, it gave me a good foundation of right and wrong and how to live life as a good person. It was an Evangelist Church Sunday School that I went to and it was always such fun. We had a ‘club night’ on a Wednesday and played games and baked and had a great time, and I remember this time fondly. I think we only went into the actual church a couple of times. There was one time I remember I was asked to be a fish! Can’t remember why, but it was embarrassing standing there in front of the congregation opening and closing my mouth akin to a fish out of water. Everyone seemed to think it was cute, me not so much!

Unfortunately, this time in my life ended when I got too old for this group and was expected to go up into the teenagers group, which I wasn’t mentally ready for. I was very shy and bullied easily so was out of my depth and didn’t want to leave my comfort zone. I may not recognise myself as a christian today, but it’s teachings are carried with me every day. I still have my childhood bible and all the bookmarks I collected with my lessons. It still feels a bit like a safety blanket having it sat there on my book shelf holding so many memories for me from my pre-teen years; the years before life got more real.

My childhood bible

Today I am far more comfortable in my own skin. Yes, people do try to act the bully around me, but I’m mature enough now to try to understand their reasoning. I just wish I had been like this when I was in school, I may have enjoyed the experience.

So as I write this – egg-less (I don’t eat chocolate!) and lost in memories. I hope you enjoy your day.

Love Jennifer x

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