Walk with them…

The Fountain Tarot

Knight of Cups – Five of Cups

Try not to lecture people on their failings, they already berate themselves enough.

Instead help to pick them up, to elevate them emotionally and psychologically and watch them turn themselves around and grow.

No one likes to left out in the cold, so invite them in and walk with them on their journey until you are no longer needed, only wanted.

Love Jennifer x

The Fountain Tarot by Jason Gruhl, Jonathan Saiz and Andi Todaro ©2014 used with Jason’s permission.

About Guinevere Fae

I have been working with tarot for over a decade and have read for people worldwide. For the last decade, I have hosted a monthly tarot meet-up. I am a Reiki Master and trained in Equine Reiki, and I am an experienced pendulum dowser too.
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