Let the cards tell a story (an exercise to try)…

After a very exciting and educational Tarot de Marseille event with TABI, I have found a new love and passion for this style of tarot. One of the tasks was to tell a story using the court card that was chosen by shuffling the deck, turning it face up and the first court card you come across is the one to guide you in this task. My card was the Queen of Wands.

Shuffle your deck, turn it faces-up and spread the cards out in front of you in a rainbow shape. Find your Character card. Starting with the direction it is looking, use the next three cards to tell us a story. It can be a once upon a time fairy tale, a fable with a moral, or a reading for today.

Here is my story…

My queen awoke one fine day with money on her mind.  The allure of such riches and the finery they could buy were all she could think of.  But how was she to gain such? 

She paid a visit to her most beloved father, a teacher who was a devout man.  She told him of her desire for better things in life and was not sure they were within her reach. 

“Child”, he said, “you are many things but stupid is not one of them.  If you wish to have such trinkets and pretty clothes, then you must work for them.  That way they will be of more value to you than if they were simply given to you, so go and earn some coin.” 

My queen pondered this a while, and after a time she saw an advertisement for a position that most appealed.  The job itself spoke of wealth and riches to anyone who undertook it.  They would see the world it said, experience things you could only dream of it continued.  It spoke of the wonderful salary with bonuses and promotions to anyone who would dare apply. 

This position most appealed to my queen for she was eager to earn such coin and explore the world.  She set to apply for this most excellent sounding role.  She imagined herself sitting in her finery, with sparkling jewels about her throat.  Money no object and herself feeling very smug and self-satisfied just like she imagined a real queen would.

With joy and happiness, she was offered the position.  Her new boss was a handsome sort of chap, very charismatic and had a twinkle in his eye and a smile that would make anyone’s heart rate soar.  He flirted and paraded around my queen, cooing and wooing her.  She was delighted to have such a wonderful new boss to work for. 

As the days and weeks went by, she began to notice that working life was not as glorious as she thought it would be.  The days began to drag, and her handsome boss lost his allure and charm, as he began to pile on the pressure.  My queen started to sag under the burden.   The only travel she saw was in the pages of the holiday brochures used for booking holidays and trips for the customers of the travel agents she now worked in. 

My queen desired to travel, more so than the want of the jewels and pretty clothes she lusted after initially, for they had lost their appeal.  She did not want such trivial items as reward for her toil. 

Taking it upon herself, she booked herself some leave, and a holiday she booked forthwith and left shortly to start her travels of the world.  Unfortunately, the chains of employment quickly drew her back, and a repeat cycle of toil and leave began.

My queen decided this life was not so bad, she had to find a work-life balance just like her Aunt Temperance said she should.  But as her Aunt was off on her own travels, and nowhere to been seen, she knew she would have a tale or two to tell her when they met again.

The end.

*What did you think? Are you ready to try and tell a story? I’d love to hear it.

About Guinevere Fae

I have been working with tarot for over a decade and have read for people worldwide. For the last decade, I have hosted a monthly tarot meet-up. I am a Reiki Master and trained in Equine Reiki, and I am an experienced pendulum dowser too.
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