Today you may find that your emotions and your intuition are competing against one another. This is because there is a lot at stake and you are expected to make a choice.

Think about what needs shaping and what needs your focused attention in order to reach the success you could achieve. Be careful not to let your fantasies and optimism get in your way of enjoying the process of decision making though.

By allowing your energies to work together, you’ll be in a better position to make the right choice.

Guinevere Fae x

The Intuitive Tarot by Cilla Conway ©2004, used with her permission.

About Guinevere Fae

I have been working with tarot for over a decade and have read for people worldwide. For the last decade, I have hosted a monthly tarot meet-up. I am a Reiki Master and trained in Equine Reiki, and I am an experienced pendulum dowser too.
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