Eyes on you…

Ever feel like you’re being watched? By someone or something? It can feel a little creepy at times, can’t it? It’s as though Big Brother is watching and you can’t relax!

No matter where you go in life you have eyes on you, either by those physically around you or technology tracking your every move, no matter how stealthily you think you’re moving.

Whilst you can’t live a life in hiding…as tempting as that may seem to some…you can limit your exposure to ‘eyes’ and spend some quality time alone, unplugged with no electronic devices about your person.

GF x

Bonefire Tarot by Gabi Angus-West

About Guinevere Fae

I have been working with tarot for over a decade and have read for people worldwide. For the last decade, I have hosted a monthly tarot meet-up. I am a Reiki Master and trained in Equine Reiki, and I am an experienced pendulum dowser too.
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