Happy Easter

Today is Easter Sunday, a day commercially known for its chocolate eggs, fluffy yellow chicks and bunnies.

In my Sunday school days (until I was 13) I loved going to my classes and doing my christian learning, it gave me a good foundation of right and wrong and how to live life as a good person. It was an Evangelist Church Sunday School that I went to and it was always such fun. We had a ‘club night’ on a Wednesday and played games and baked and had a great time, and I remember this time fondly. I think we only went into the actual church a couple of times. There was one time I remember I was asked to be a fish! Can’t remember why, but it was embarrassing standing there in front of the congregation opening and closing my mouth akin to a fish out of water. Everyone seemed to think it was cute, me not so much!

Unfortunately, this time in my life ended when I got too old for this group and was expected to go up into the teenagers group, which I wasn’t mentally ready for. I was very shy and bullied easily so was out of my depth and didn’t want to leave my comfort zone. I may not recognise myself as a christian today, but it’s teachings are carried with me every day. I still have my childhood bible and all the bookmarks I collected with my lessons. It still feels a bit like a safety blanket having it sat there on my book shelf holding so many memories for me from my pre-teen years; the years before life got more real.

My childhood bible

Today I am far more comfortable in my own skin. Yes, people do try to act the bully around me, but I’m mature enough now to try to understand their reasoning. I just wish I had been like this when I was in school, I may have enjoyed the experience.

So as I write this – egg-less (I don’t eat chocolate!) and lost in memories. I hope you enjoy your day.

Love Jennifer x

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What have you learned so far…

Mystic Mondays Tarot Deck

The Hierophant made an appearance today when I was rummaging through my deck looking for certain cards I needed. Until I spotted this card, I’d forgotten all about it being a 5 year.

Then I realised we are a quarter of the way through 2021 already!

So this is a quick check in…how are you? Are you coping OK? Do you need any support or someone to talk to?

What influence has the Hierophant had in your life so far this year? Have you learnt something new about yourself? Or found a more structured routine that helps you cope day to day?

I find I thrive with a routine, it helps me work, play and sleep better. I feel more in control of my life than I’ve ever done and that is empowering to me. It’s taken a long time to get here and the journey has been bumpy, but boy what a ride! And as for learning more about myself, well…absolutely, I feel as though I’m on a self-discovery roller coaster and it’s thrilling and sometimes scary. I’ll scream if I want to but mostly I’m smiling 🙂

So again I ask…how are you?

Take a moment to check in with yourself. What do you need? How can you get it? Acknowledge your achievements, however small, and challenge the little niggles that may grow into bigger issues, best to try and nip them in the bud before they start to take over if you can. If not, seek help. It can be found in the most random of places.

Take care of you.

Love Jennifer x

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