What is Tarot?

Tarot is a form of divination which uses a deck of 78 cards.  These cards have 4 suits; Wands, Cups, Pentacles and Swords, which correspond to the elements of …


Of the 78 cards, 22 are called Major Arcana (greater secrets) and the remaining 56 cards are called Minor Arcana (lesser secrets), 16 of which are called court cards.  The Major Arcana depict the big events in your life and the Minor Arcana the smaller day to day occurrences.  Each card has its own image which is full of symbolism.  This symbolism is interpreted in accordance with the question being asked.

By using Tarot cards in various spreads we are able to be guided by the cards, which in turn help to provide us with new understandings and perspectives of our own situation.

Suits and their Elements

Below introduces the elements and suits and what they mean.  This is a vast subject that can be expanded on greatly; but here are some basics to get you started:


Pentacles are the element of Earth and represent our work, security, money, resources and our materialistic existence.  Pentacles are associated with the physical and mundane side of life, and our values and traditions too.  Earth heals us.


Wands are the element of Fire and represent our actions, energy, inspiration, optomism, intuition and projects.  Wands are associated with our passion, our own inner fire, our success and our failure.  Fire transforms  us.


Cups are the element of Water and represent our emotions, our love and fantasies, intuition and creativity, our feelings and relationships.   Cups are associated with our emotional satisfaction and enjoyment of life, love of the world and the people around us.  Cups can hold our secrets and deeply felt affairs.  Water shapes us.


Swords are the element of Air and represent our mind, mental activity, thoughts, rationality, self-expression, ideas and information.  Swords are associated with intellectual concepts, conscious awareness and communication.  Air moves us.

Ideally all elements should be in balance for harmony and peace but this is rarely the case.  Elements can work well together but sometimes, when they are out of balance, battles can begin.

Love Jennifer x

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